• The State of Play (Premium)

    Premium educational digital media for Sports Leadership 4.0

    Are you clear about the shift in the sports industry/sector from pre-digital age '3.0' to digital age '4.0’?
    Do you understand the demands that paces on your leadership role, team and business?


    We design/tailor transformational learning experiences exclusively designed and tailored for intensive one to one or small team transformational learning experiences in a specific sports game, role and business.

    The State of Play takes a unique ‘iceberg’ approach, by critically analysing sports leadership, business and sector mindsets systems and structures, which are drivers below the surface level that impact visible surface level sports organisation, sector and leadership strategy.


    Depending on the sports business critical analysis of topics can include, behaviour, change, performance, problem solving, strategy, management, training, disruption, gender, ethnicity, race, sustainability and next generation thinking.

  • The State of Play Season #1 (2020/21)

    Complexity, Change and Problems

    Dynamic tailored transformational learning experiences
    for next-generation leaders in Sports


    Executive Development/Education - Professional CPD - Sports Business Transformation






    One to One

  • Thinking Sports 4.0 - Complexity, Change and Problems

      We've designed a dynamic, transformational learning experience exclusively for leaders in sports (individuals
      and teams).


      The content and format is ideal for self-motivated '4.0' leaders who have have game knowledge and are hungry
      for practice based CPD to improve.


      Our mission is to help them leverage experience and build stronger leadership ‘DNA’ to achieve goals.

      Learn and access knowledge at your own pace through a combination of intensive, short educational leadership
      content (book, articles, podcast, videocast and virtual meetings).


      1. Autographed Book: Games You Can Play - Sports Leadership 4.0.
      2. Article/Abstract: Sports Leadership Mindsets and Thinking Systems. 
      3. Videocast Presentation: Sports Leadership Mindset-Thinking Systems (strategic overview).
      4. Live Case Study: Example of sports leadership mindsets in action (real world application).
      5. Podcast Series: Select recordings of audiobook (4 Episodes).
      6. Leadership Assessment: Sports Leader Mindset-Map 4.0.  
      7. Exclusive Live Q&A: 3 x 1:1 virtual meetings with author/expert.
      8. Keynote: extra feature available to groups (virtual/onsite).


      • Both business side + field/pitch side leaders (directors, managers, coaches and staff).
      • Leaders of sporting associations, federations, clubs and organisations.
      • Third party sports sector providers which include consultants, trainers, agents and representatives.
      • Former players/athletes transitioning into business side leadership roles.
      • Family/parents of competitors to support developmental process, performance and impact.
      • Leaders responsible for developing strategy and performance for the next 2 to 5 years.


      • Autonomous and independent (asynchronous learning).
      • Scheduled live 1:1 meetings (synchronous learning).


      • Learn the fundamental principles for leadership in Sports Leadership 4.0.
      • Understand how sports leadership mindsets impact structure, communication, people, performance and change.
      • Informally assess your leadership mindset in relation to game, sector and business (local and global).
      • Learn how you can begin preparing|shifting|transitioning from ‘3.0’ to ‘4.0’ leadership. 
      • Produce a two-five year personal leadership role strategy.
      • Introduction to a framework helping make clear complex topics in sports leadership, such as strategy, performance, behaviour, change, disruption, 'wild cards', management, 'perfect storms', politics, gender, race, next-generation and problem solving.
      • Opportunity to reflect, learn from and speak 1:1 with John Grisby a subject matter expert in sports leadership and organisation/sector mindsets.