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    Grey Matter Thinking

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    The State of Play
    (Premium Content)

    Tailored educational digital media
    for leaders in sports


    Sports Leader 4.0

    Private/Invitation only interactive ‘TED Talk’ and peer group designed to shift your grey matter.


    Sports Leadership Project 4.0

    Individual ‘4.0’ capacity/capability programme tailored to sports role, organisation and sector strategy



    Sport Business
    Performance 4.0

    Comprehensive ‘best in class’ business management and change methodology for organisational growth and scale.

  • The State of Play - Premium Content

    Tailored educational content for next-gen leadership 4.0

    Learn and access at your own pace through a combination package of short educational sports leadership content. We help you make complex topics in sports leadership clear, which can include strategy, performance, behaviour, change, disruption, 'wild cards', gender, race, next-generation and problem solving. Premium includes;

    1. Audiobook (2021) + Autographed Book: Games You Can Play - Sports Leadership 4.0,
    2. Article/Abstract: Sports Leadership Mindsets and Thinking Systems. 
    3. VideoCast Presentation: Sports Leadership Mindset-Thinking Systems Overview.
    4. Live Case Study: Example of sports leadership mindsets in action (real world application)
    5. Podcast Series: The State of Play Season #1 (9 Episodes).
    6. Assessment: Sports Leader Mindset-Map 4.0. 
    7. Exclusive Q&A: 1:1 x 2 Zoom meetings with author/expert in leadership mindsets.
    8. Keynote: extra feature available to groups (not included in package).