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  • Designed to prepare/shift your team/group leadership mindset to deal with '4.0' - complexity, change, and problems

    Vantage is a leadership mindset strategy capacity accelerator for teams/groups in organisations (departments, divisions, or units). Vantage is an in-depth capacity engagement specifically designed to accelerate strategic capacity through DEVELOPMENT and PERFORMANCE.


    Team Vantage DEVELOPMENT and PERFORMANCE are vertical sector-specific, in particular sectors impacted by fourth industry revolution environments of complexity, change, and problems (IT-Digital, Energy, Corporate Finance).


    Your TEAM/GROUP will prepare and shift their leadership mindset, building strategic capacity and improving capability with live practice and feedback to achieve desired results.

    Vantage Format and Delivery is fully tailored with blended delivery (in-person/virtual). Contact us directly by email for more information.

  • Vantage Industries

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    Energy Leadership Mindset 4.0

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    IT-Digital Leadership Mindset 4.0

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    Sustainable Leadership Mindset 4.0

  • Prepare/Shift Team Leadership Mindset from 3.0 to 4.0

    Teams will prepare/shift their leadership mindset, accelerating sustainable and transformational leadership practices identified by global industries, institutions, and governing bodies as 'Top 10' for the next decade.   

    1. Strategic Complexity to Clarity | Framework for diagnosing internal/external systems complexity and designing leadership, organisational and industrial strategy.
    2. Lead through Strategic Change & Transformation | Comprehensive people and business change management framework and process from strategy to execution.
    3. Problem-Solving Process | 'Best in class' breakthrough process and framework for diagnosing business systems, solving problems,
      and implementing decisions successfully. 

    *Sustainable and Transformational Leadership Practices


    I. Seven of the seventeen UNPRiME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


    II. ‘Top 10’ leadership skills for the next decade. The World Economic Forum. (2020). The Future of Jobs Report 2020. Switzerland: The World Economic Forum.


    III. Three of the six CARL dimensions and actions (The Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership).

  • *Results

    Demonstrate understanding and practice in the following areas:

    • Leading your organisation and industry in 4.0 - the fourth industrial and business revolution.
    • How 4.0 complexity, change, and problems impact your role, organisation, and sector.
    • The principles and practices of transformational leadership strategy.
    • Designing sustainable leadership strategy in practice.
    • Designing a strategy to lead business systems change & transformation.
    • Implementing a ‘best in class’ change methodology from strategy to execution
    • Diagnosing and dealing with whole organisational systems and business sub-systems.

    *Value/results are determined by the client's investment in acheivieng thier desired objectives/goals and GMG’s contribution to helping their achieve a specific result.

    Client Profile

    Teams/groups in organizations (departments, divisions, or units):

    1. Responsible for leading change & transformation (strategy and execution).
    2. Proactively seeking and developing the capacity to change & transform their role, teams, and organisations.
    3. Coping with leading complex strategic systems and structure change & transformation.
    4. Whose organization’s ‘existential needs’ are threatened (internal/external), causing disintegration, which can include loss of role/ responsibility, loss of market value/share, underperforming divisions/teams, growth plateaus, unsuccessful M&As, necessary market transitions, and inability to control change.
  • Meet Your Professor of Practice

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    John Grisby is a 'hybrid' Professor of Practice (academia), Managing Partner (private sector) and author. He is a London-based American and works with leaders across many different industries and parts of the world to be effective in the 4.0 environment - which is characterised by complexity, change, and problems.


    He has learned almost everything about leadership, change, and problem-solving from five resources.


    • First, as a Professor and private sector practitioner working cross-sector and globally. I’m familiar with how academic rigor, pedagogy, research, methodology, and theory apply in the real world
    • Second, Myles Downey, author of the best-selling book Effective Coaching and pioneer in an evidence-based methodology and commercial application for executive coaching in performance (individuals/teams/organisations).
    • Third, Dr. Clare Graves and Dr. Don Beck. Developers of the first principle, unified science 'double-helix' theory and commercial application, core to the approach to human mindset-thinking systems, structures, development, and change.
    • Fourth, from Dr. Ichak Adizes, founder of the Adizes Institute and developer of the 'best in class' Lifecycle methodology with commercial application and concepts core to the approach to organisational change.
    • Fifth, Dr Geert Hofstede, Professor Emeritus of Organizational Anthropology and International Management at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, is well known for his pioneering research on cross-cultural groups and organizations.
    • Last from the many clients around the world who openly shared their experiences, successes, and struggles.

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