• Sports Leadership Project 4.0 (SLP 4.0)

    Capacity building programme designed for leaders who take growth personally

    Leadership-Organisation Mindset Systems/Structures

    Spiral Dynamics Certificate Level 1 & 2, Natural Designs Value Systems Leadership, Organisational Elegance & Integral Management, Adizes Institute (USA).

    Certified in the foundation science of Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory (ECLET) and commercial application of Spiral Dynamics.

    Certified to teach, facilitate and asses Spiral Dynamics; which includes, Natural Designs Value Systems Leadership and Organisational Elegance & Integral Management.

    Leadership for the 21st Century: Complexity, Change and Problems

    Purpose | Overview | Format | Design | Modules | Accreditation



    Prepare/shift leaders to meet the significant demands a 'new era' is having on leadership capacity and capability.


    Leadership CPD (Continued Professional Development)

    The Sports Leadership Project 4.0 is an executive level, dual accredited, part-time CPD programme tailored to role, organisation and sector.

    Sports is shifting from pre-digital age '3.0' skills to digital age '4.0’ skills. In the next
    decade your leadership effectiveness will be measured by skillsets highlighted by
    The World Economic Forum and Chartered Management Institute. SLP 4.0 helps
    you prepare/shift mindset for the ‘digital age’ of sports. We do this by designing
    transformational learning experiences.


    • Individual or cohort 
    • Duration: Quarter, semester and yearlong
    • Format: Workshop, masterclass, course, semester or Unit 
    • Engagement: Business focused or credit bearing post graduate (Exec MBA Level)  
    • Start Date: Flexible 
    • Location: Virtual and Onsite 
    • Registration & Fees: Contact us for more information

    Who should apply

    » Leaders in sport including; directors, managers, coaches, support team
    and staff.

    » Leaders in sports associations, federations,
    clubs and organisations to develop effective 21st century leadership strategies and

    » Players/athletes making a career transition
    and interested in ‘Off Pitch-Field’ side of leadership.

    » Experienced professionals who are hungry to learn and develop, and want to be challenged at postgraduate Master level.


    SLP 4.0 is uniquely designed for individuals who have game knowledge and are hungry for practice based learning to improve. Our mission is to help them leverage experience and build stronger leadership
    ‘DNA’ to achieve goals.



    Benefits and Value Focused

    » Become an expert problem solver.

    » Increase personal performance/productivity and build strategic

    » Design strategies/solutions to lead, manage, direct, perform and
    complete at any level.
    » Manage complexing and accelerated change.
    » Future proof leadership role by developing specific ‘4.0’ skills
    » Design a life long learning leadership plan.
    » Help transform others, business/industry and role.
    » Continually develop ‘4.0’ capacity/capability.
    » Improve strategic capacity while indirectly impacting performance.

    Sports Leadership Skills 4.0

    • Leadership and social influence
    • Critical Thinking and Innovation
    • Cognitive Flexibility
    • Active learning and learning strategies
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Judgement and decision making
    • Complex problems solving and ideation
    • People management

    *World Economic Forum - The Future of Jobs Report (2018)


    Practice Based

    Results Focused


    What you'll be doing (blended asynchronous and synchronous)

    Live Sessions (synchronous): connect live to engage in a discussion about the topic determined for that day. An extension of the traditional classroom experience, allowing you to negotiate and collaborate with your classmates in the same classroom, despite being seated all around the globe.


    Online Collaborative Sessions (synchronous): Through our virtual campus and our WOW Room, you get a challenging and highly interactive educational experience. The well-structured, faculty-led sessions fit into the modern professional’s busy schedule and can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection. Engage with other global professionals in synchronous and asynchronous sessions including interactive small groups where you work on real-world, industry-based case studies.

    Asynchronous online discussions – The forums offer the possibility to participate in the faculty-led asynchronous sessions every week from Monday to Thursday. Professors will moderate these written discussions about chosen topics in order to achieve the learning objectives.

    Live Face-To-Face – get to know your diverse classmates even more through all-day workshops and classes that develop further your soft skills and teamwork. Explore Madrid after class and join all the different networking events available every night.


    How you will engage

    • Customised experience
    • Small cohorts
    • Blended virtual/on-site
    • Synchronous and asynchronous learning 
    • Self, group and 'Buddy System' and group learning
    • Practice and produce versus theoretical study
    • Guest speakers and expert input 
    • Composite coaching support (one Facilitator/Coach per 10 participants)
    • Behaviour as feedback
    • Technological platform easy and safe in public


    Main areas of Focus


    I. Sports Leadership Project 1 (Personal Leadership 4.0)
    II. Sports Leadership Project 2 (Game/Organisational Leadership 4.0)

    Specialist areas

    - Personal leadership strategy
    - Sports organisation/game strategy
    - Sports business management/transformation

    - The science of leadership

    Certification/Accreditation (options)

    • Credit bearing/Diploma/Award/Certificate
    • CMI Level 7 Award Leadership Strategy and Management (UK)
    • ILM Level 7 Leadership (UK)
    • CIMSPA Level 7 Diploma – Endorsed (UK)
    • NCAA Leadership Development Endorsed (USA)
    • Potential Dual Track academic credit (Post Grad MBA level)
    • Full SLP 4.0 programme equivalent to two semesters – 30 Academic Credits