• Designed to accelerate your sports leadership strategic capacity for complexity, change, and problems

    Sports Leader Premium is a leadership accelerator for YOUR ROLE in your team, organisation, franchise, federation, or club. Premium is designed to accelerate your leadership strategy capacity through LEARNING

    and PRACTICE.


    Your Premium LEARNING and PRACTICE with feedback will build strategic capacity, and improve capability to achieve desired results in your role, organisation, and sector.

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  • Sports Leadership 4.0

    Capacity Building

    You will accelerate sustainable and transformational leadership practices identified by global industries, institutions, and governing bodies as 'Top 10' for the next decade.

    1. Strategic Complexity to Clarity | Framework for diagnosing internal/external systems complexity and designing leadership, organisational and industrial strategy.
    2. Lead through Strategic Change & Transformation | Comprehensive people and business change management framework and process from strategy to execution.
  • *Results

    Demonstrate understanding and practice in the following areas:

    • Leading your organisation and industry in 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution.
    • How 4.0 complexity, change, and problems impact your role, organisation, and sector.
    • The principles and practices of transformational leadership strategy.
    • Designing sustainable leadership strategy in practice.
    • Designing a strategy to lead business and systems change & transformation.
    • Implementing a ‘best in class’ change methodology for strategy to execution
    • Diagnosing and dealing with whole organisational systems and business sub-systems.

    *Value/results are determined by the client's investment in acheivieng thier desired objectives/goals and GMG’s contribution to helping theme achieve a specific result.

    Client Profile

    Individuals in sports leadership roles:


    1. Responsible for leading change.
    2. Proactively seeking capacity/capability development to change and transform their role, teams, and organisations.
    3. Coping with leading complex strategic systems and structure change & transformation.
    4. Whose organization’s ‘existential needs’ are threatened (internal/external), causing disintegration, which can include loss of role/ responsibility, loss of market value/share, underperforming divisions/teams, growth plateaus, unsuccessful M&As, necessary market transitions, and inability to control change.
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