• Next Generation Leadership in Sports 4.0

    Prepare and Shift Your Leadership Mindset

    Since the 1900s of sport’s first three industrial revolutions, leaders relied have on physical instinct, tactical knowledge and technological innovation to solve problems.


    In the new fourth industrial revolution, being an effective leader is now a life-long process and personal development is just as crucial as tactics to ‘win the game’.


    Leaders in sports now also have to rely on adaptive and cognitive abilities as the pace of change and complexity has accelerated.


    We help prepare/shift leaders' mindsets to be effective in the Fourth Industrial Revolution of sports by designing transformative learning experiences.


    The World Economic Forum has determined the top ten skills required by leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are;

    1. Active learning and learning strategies
    2. Creativity, originality and initiative 
    3. Critical thinking and innovation
    4. Leadership and social influence 
    5. Emotional Intelligence
    6. Judgement and decision making
    7. Reasoning, complex problem solving and ideation: 
    8. Cognitive flexibility
    9. People management​

    The sports industry is no exception. Leadership in sport is going to be defined by the ability to solve difficult problems in strategies to organise, manage, coach, train and perform to win. Only when difficult problems are solved can you truly experience the meaning of winning.

  • Value-Based Engagements

    GMG Ltd. is a Value-Based consultancy. The client’s investment is based upon the project within the parameters contracted (never an hourly rate or daily fee). Value is determined by the client's desired objectives/goals and GMG’s contribution to helping theme achieve a specific result.

    Three value options are available depending on the client's desired objectives/goals and results;​

    Option 1. Teach/Learn/Educate

    Option 2. +Develop/Coach/Enable/Perform/Facilitate
    Option 3. ++ Consult/Develop/Embed/Transform/Change

    We believe clients should never have to watch the clock when seeking advice, make an investment decision when assistance may be needed or seek permission to spend money if additional help is needed.

    • Some characteristics of Value-Based client engagements include;
    • Invest time and resources to build long-term client partnerships.
    • Solutions serve the client’s best interest and improve their current condition.
    • Outcomes and results focused.
    • Investment is measured by outcomes and results produced.
    • No hourly/time-based billing or daily fee.
    • Extensive periphery benefits built into client engagements.