• Sports Leadership Project 4.0 (SLP 4.0)

    (++Change, Transform, and Embed)



    Organisational leadership strategic capacity building program


  • Designed to build leadership capacity/capability in organisagations

    Sports Leadership Project 4.0 helps leaders achieve results in an increasingly complex world

    - the fourth sports industrial and business revolution.


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  • Sports Leadership 4.0

    Capacity Building


    Accelerate sustainable and transformational leadership practices identified by global industries, institutions, and governing bodies as 'Top 10' for the next decade.   

    1. Strategic Complexity to Clarity | Framework for diagnosing internal/external systems complexity and designing leadership, organisational and industrial strategy.
    2. Lead through Strategic Change & Transformation | Comprehensive people and business change management framework and process from strategy to execution.

    *Sustainable and Transformational Leadership Practices


    I. Seven of the seventeen UNPRiME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


    II. ‘Top 10’ leadership skills for the next decade. The World Economic Forum. (2020). The Future of Jobs Report 2020. Switzerland: The World Economic Forum.


    III. Three of the six CARL dimensions and actions (The Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership).

  • *Results

    Leadership fit for industrial revolutions

    • Reduce failure to cope with '4.0'
    • Deal with complex decision-making
    • Facilitate leadership mindset shift
    • Lead change & transformation
    • Transform direct reports and teams

    Organisations with adaptive intelligence

    • Solve complex problems
    • Lead lifecycle and systems change
    • Build structures capacity and resilience
    • Identify opportunities for new growth
    • Align people, structure, and process

    Strategy that anticipates new realities

    • Unlock corporate developmental 'DNA'
    • Define long-term direction
    • Withstand competition and disruption
    • Navigate strategic choices/trade-offs
    • Clarify the organisation's role in society

    Client Profile

    Global sports organizations, franchises, federations, clubs, and assocations. 

    1. Proactively seeking and developing the capacity to change & transform their role, teams, and organisations.
    2. Coping with leading complex strategic systems and structure change & transformation.
    3. Whose organization’s ‘existential needs’ are threatened (internal/external), causing disintegration, which can include loss of role/ responsibility, loss of market value/share, underperforming divisions/teams, growth plateaus, unsuccessful M&As, necessary market transitions, and inability to control change.
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