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    Premium educational digital media for Sports Leadership 4.0

    Premium is a transformational learning experience designed for leaders in any sports role, game or organisation.

    The format is exclusively for individual one to one or small teams and ideal for the self-motivated who have game knowledge and are hungry for practice based leadership to improve.

    Learn and access knowledge at your own pace through a combination of short, intensive educational leadership content. It combines two learning styles; autonomous/independent (asynchronous learning) and scheduled live 1:1 meetings (synchronous/'together' learning).

    Learn anywhere

    • Watch/Listen - videos and podcasts.
    • Read - book, articles, and presentations.
    • Practice - apply learning and informal assessments to your role.
    • Reflect /Engage - virtual 1:1s with John Grisby/Prof of Practice, Author and expert in leadership mindsets.  

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    Real World | Practical

    Learn and Practice

    Results Focused | Outcomes

    Designed for Full-Time Professionals

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  • Premium Season #1 - The State of Play


    Introduction to Your Sports Leadership Mindset

    Sports Leadership 4.0

    Start to Prepare|Shift Your Mindset

    Take your first steps as a leader into Sports '4.0' - the fourth industrial revolution in sports. Learn the fundamentals of leadership to get clear about the demands '4.0' will place on your role, team and sport.


    In the next decade sports leadership effectiveness will be measured
    by skillsets associated with the business world. Shifting your mindset from pre-digital age '3.0' skills to digital age '4.0’ will improve all aspects of your leadership capacity (development) and capability (performance).


    Professional development is now a life long process. Just as crucial as knowing the technical, tactical and strategic elements to 'win the game'.

    Who Will Benefit

    • Both business side + field/pitch side leaders (directors, managers, coaches and staff).
    • Leaders of sporting associations, federations, clubs and organisations.
    • Third party sports sector providers which include consultants, trainers, agents and representatives.
    • Former players/athletes transitioning into the business side leadership roles.
    • Family/parents of competitors to support developmental process, performance and impact.

    Tangible Outcomes

    • Begin to activate core role, game and sport 'intelligences'. 
    • Produce a two-five year personal leadership strategy.
    • Start transitioning your leadership skills and value for the future
      - from 3.0’ to ‘4.0’. 
    • Informally assess/map your leadership mindset profile in relation to role game and sport (local and global).
    • Put key learnings directly into practice.

    What You'll Learn

    • Learn the fundamental for building blocks for leadership 4.0.
    • Develop a deeper contextual understanding for all aspects of role, sector and business.
    • Understand how your leadership mindsets can impact structure, communication, people, performance and change.
    • Discover new pathways of personal leadership development.
  • Premium Season #1 - The State of Play


    Introduction to Your Sports Leadership Mindset

    Dynamic tailored transformational learning experience
    for next-generation leaders in sports


    Executive Development - Professional Development - Sports Business Transformation






    One to One


    • Sport Leadership 4.0 Book: Games You Can Play - Experience the Meaning of Winning. 
    • Article/Abstract: Sports Leadership Mindset-Thinking Systems theory.
    • Video/Podcast Series: Various topics covering sports leadership mindsets + audiobook chapters.
    • 1 x Live Case Study: Tailored case study of sports leadership mindsets in action (topic your choice).
    • 2 x Informal Assessment: Sports Leader Mindset Map-Profile with feedback/insight.
    • 2 x One to One Calls: Virtual Q&A with John Grisby/Professor/Author/Expert in leadership mindsets.
    • Personalised Recorded Video Q&A: Receive personalised recorded video answers to your questions.
  • Meet Your Prof of Practice

    John Grisby is a Professor of Practice, Managing Partner and author. He is a London based American and works with leaders across many different industries and parts of the world to be effective in the 4.0 environment - which is characterised by complexity, change and problems.


    John was a (US) state ranked athlete in three sports (ski racer, doubles tennis and collegiate triathlete). Like most athletes in the USA, he was introduced to physical and mental performance approaches in early development. He learned/developed approaches like mental focus, mental toughness and the 'Inner Game'. He later co-delivered a project with Myles Downey to establish the 'Inner Game of Coaching' in the world of professional sports coaching (football, rugby and tennis).


    He has learned almost everything about leadership, change and problem solving from five resources.

    • First, as a Professor of Practice, integrating science, theory and methodology for real world practical application (DBA style not PhD). 
    • Second, from Dr. Graves and Becks' human mindset science, framework and principles. 
    • Third, Myles Downey, pioneer of the ‘Inner Game of Coaching’ as an approach to executive performance in coaching and leader/manager/coach. 
    • Fourth, Dr. Ichak Adizes, founder of the Adizes Institute and developer of the ‘best in class’ Company Lifecycle methodology, a core approach to organisational change. 
    • Last, but not least, from the many clients who openly shared their experiences, their successes and their struggles.

    Sports Leadership Books

    Games You Can Play - Experience the Meaning of Winning in Sports 4.0 (Michael Terrence Publishing 2019).


    Sports Leadership Publications

    Chartered Management Institute Insights (CMI)

    Global Professional Tennis Coaching Association (GPTCA)

    International Journal of Sport Science and Coaching (IJSCC)

    English Rugby Football Union Technical Coaching Journal (RFU)

    London Football Coaches’ Association Soccer Coach Magazine (LFCA)

    Premium FAQ

    Do have to apply?


    Yes. Slots are limited to availability.

    What is the payment policy?


    You pay nothing upfront. Your first need to complete an informal one-to-one virtual meeting then formal Registration. When you decided to go ahead we will issue an invoice with joining instructions.

    What technology do I need?

    You will need a standard computer/tablet/smartphone, a good internet connection and be able to access/play MP3s and videos.

    I work full-time. Do I have time?

    Premium is designed for full-time professionals. One of the best features is being a self-driven engagement which combines asynchronous (independent) and synchronous (live) learning. Some participants take one month others 12 months.

    What is the refund policy?

    Cancellations and a full refund can be made by complementing the ROI (Return on Investment) feedback form.

    How do I convert to timezone?


    Do I have to do the live one-to-ones?

    Yes. This is a semi-tailored engagement - meaning it's tailored to you. You will also have to complete and sports mindset leadership assessment and choose a case study. Live Q&A is optional, but it's your chance to further learning, development and practice.


    Season #1 - The State of Play

    Season #1 - The State of Play


    Introduction to Your Sports Leadership Mindset.

    A one-to-one meeting is mandatory to participate. If you're interested please click either the 'Register Interest' or 'Arrange Meeting' button. Choose a date/time and provide the following information.

    1. Current role
    2. Years in role/industry
    3. Reason(s) for leadership development
    4. Any other useful information

    Your informal meeting will be confirmed promptly and additional information sent.

    Thank you and I look forward to connecting.

    Best regards,

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