• Grey Matter Podcast Series

    Corporate Leadership 4.0

  • Leadership Project 4.0 (SRING 2023)
    Sustainable leadership practice for transformation

    Book Launch Podcast Series (COMMING SOON)



    EPISODES (Available Winter 2023)

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    Produced by John Grisby/
    Professor of Practice

  • Leaders' View (Public)

    Thinking Business 4.0

    Leader’s View is for ‘Second Tier’ leadership thinkers. ‘Second Tier’ thinking is a level beyond ‘First Tier’ conventional perspectives and embraces the complexities of business/industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution).

    Complexity, change and problems characterise the fourth industrial revolution. These are the three specific areas where Grey Matter helps prepare/shift leadership mindset to be effective, more specifically,

    1. Making Strategic Complexity Clear.
    2. Leading/Managing through Change.
    3. Building Problem Solving Capacity/Capability.

    Leader’s View takes an innovative approach that shapes and throws new light on subjects often answered by traditional perspectives. It delivers an unusual depth of insight on issues reshaping global leadership in business/industry, such as performance, management, race, directing, gender, socio-cultural, sustainability, corruption, politics, millennials, ethnicity, systems, change, finance and strategy.

    Moreover, our insight is practice-based and actionable, explaining how to approach problem-solving.

    Leader’s View (Public) is a ‘taster’ of Leader’s View Premium - specialised digital educational media for leadership in select 4.0 vertical sectors (Oil & Gas, IT-Digital and Corporate Finance). ‘Premium’ is exclusively designed and tailored for individual one-to-one or small teams in a specific role, organisation and industry. For more information about Leader’s View Premium, please ‘altExecDev’ on the Grey Matter Global Corporate 4.0 website.


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    Produced by John Grisby/
    Prof. of Practice and Managing Partner

  • Down the Rabbit Hole (DtRH Available WINTER 2023)
    The science of leadership mindsets

    Exploring how the human sciences influence leadership capacity and capability, which ultimately determines who 'survives' and who does not.


    The human bio-psycho-neuro-socio-cultural 'DNA' of leadership.


    Since the 1960s nearly 80,000 books (and counting) have been written about leadership. The problem with understanding leadership is its highly subjective and contextual nature. There are as many different views on leadership as there are leaders, therefore, everyone has a different answer.

    There is a practical, 'hands on' approach to leadership, which are theory, models and methodology. This podcast however takes you down another route, ‘the rabbit hole’, exploring the vast human scientific domains that impact how leaders think, adapt, develop, respond, perform and survive (or not).

    DtRH explores how specific human scientific domains impact how leaders (humans) think, develop, respond and perform. It takes an innovative approach that shapes and throws new light on the subject of leadership, often approached by narrow, conventional perspectives. DtRH is really trying to help leaders understand that leadership is an intricate and complex system of human elements - peoples, cultures, customs and environments (i.e. ethnography).

    Each episode is as ‘Q&A’ with a leader or subject expert who analyses how their specific domain relates to leadership thinking, behaviour, capacity and capability.

    Sociology | Behaviour | Biological Evolution | Human Geography | Genetics | Neuroscience Psychology | Cognitive Behaviour | Evolutionary Anthropology | Adult Development
    Linguistics | Cultural Evolution

    EPISODES (Available autumn 2021)

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    Produced by John Grisby/
    Professor of Practice