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    Thinking Sports Leadership 4.0

    Produced by John Grisby/professor of Practice

  • The State of Play (Public)

    Are you clear about the shift in your sport game/sector from pre-digital age '3.0' to digital age '4.0’? Do you understand the demands that paces on your leadership role, team and business?

    The State of Play takes a unique ‘iceberg’ approach, by critically analysing sports leadership, business and sector mindsets systems and structures, which are drivers below the surface level that impact visible surface level sports organisation, sector and leadership strategy.


    Depending on the sports business critical analysis of topics can include, behaviour, change, performance, problem solving, strategy, management, training, disruption, gender, ethnicity, race, sustainability and next generation thinking.


    Grey Matter Sports occasionally releases a 'taster' of The State of Play Premium content to the sector - educational digital media for Sports Leadership 4.0. Premium is exclusively designed and tailored for intensive one to one or small team transformational learning experiences in a specific sports game, role and business. For more information about the specific sports we are working in please visit The State of Play in 'Solutions'.


    Produced by John Grisby/Professor of Practice

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