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  • US Keynote


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    Where: Emerson College, Boston (USA)

    Date: Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

    Time: USA 19.00

    Registration: Closed

  • UK Distingushed Lecture Series

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    Where: Zoom

    Date: Wednesday, February 23rd, 2021

    Time: London 6PM | NL 7PM | USA 1PM (EST) | ME 10PM (GST) | AU 5AM (ACDT)

    Registration: Closed



    Meet your Professor of Practice

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    John Grisby FHEA CMBE CMgrMI MA

  • Sports Leader Community of Practice (CoP)

    Traditional sports leadership capacity is now a commodity in the fourth industrial revolution - directing is sports 1.0, managing is sports 2.0, and performance is sports 3.0.


    Sports 4.0 will require new leadership capacities to solve problems like, performance, diversity, change, gender, coaching, finance, systems, race, socio-cultural, strategy, corruption and sustainability.

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    Sports Leadership 4.0 Peer Community of Practice

    Leading through Complexity, Change and Problems

    The community of practice is a peer group that shares a concern or a passion for

    dealing with issues reshaping global leadership in sports business/industry, such as performance, management, race, directing, gender, socio-cultural, sustainability, corruption, politics, millennials, ethnicity, systems, change, problem-solving, finance and strategy.


    This exclusive four-part session is for progressive leaders in sports who want to learn hands-on next-generation leadership tools and practice. Short intensive sessions will accelerate capacity in your role and teams.  


    In Session I, you’ll learn the fundamentals of leading in sports '4.0' - the fourth industrial revolution in sports characterised by complexity, change and problems. Sessions 2, 3, and 4

    are participant and practice-driven (topics and subject matter selected by the group).



    - Taster Session Overview and introductions

    - Session I. Fundamentals + Live Case Study (Q1 January 2023)

    - Session II. Participant and practice-driven topic (Q2 April 2023)

    - Session III. Participant and practice-driven topic (Q3 July 2023)

    - Session IV. Participant and practice-driven topic (Q4 Sept 2023)


    Example Activity Agenda 

    1. Start: Welcome and brief participant networking.
    2. Topic/Subject: Facilitated learning, debate, problem-solving, live case study and roundtable conversations.  
    3. End: Participant networking, building relationships and potential synergies.


    Future proof your leadership role by preparing/shifting leadership mindset. Apply cognitive and strategic thinking skills to make sense of complexity, manage change and solve problems. 




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    Where: Virtual


    Dates: Quarterly Sessions

    - Taster Session (Q4 November 2022)

    - Session I (Q1 January 2023)

    - Session II (Q2 April 2023)

    - Session III (Q3 July 2023)

    - Session IV (Q4 Sept 2023)  


    Time: TBA


    Registration: By invitation only. 


    • ‘Off Pitch-Field’/Business Side: Board level, C-Suite, MD, Director, Senior Management and Senior/Support Staff. 
    • ‘On Pitch-On Field’/Competition Side: Head Coaches, Managers, Team Staff and athletes transitioning into professional business roles in sports. 
    • Leaders responsible for people and developing high-level strategies for
      the next 2 to 5 years. 

    Requirements (only one)

    • Minimum three years in the sports sector.
    • Prior career as a professional/amateur athlete
    • Minimum one year in a sports management or leadership role.
    Sports Leadership 4.0 fundamentals, tools, topics, Case Studies, learning and practice.


    Meet your Professor of Practice

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    John Grisby FHEA CMBE CMgrMI MA