• Virtual Sports Business Continuity COVID-19 Support

    Solve the problem of problem solving
    in sports 4.0


  • Sports is like every business and industry at the moment is experiencing accelerated change. COVID-19 is not the problem - it's an external change accelerator like epidemics, natural disasters and financial crisis. These are external and beyond your control, but you control how they your sport and business.


    Do you even know what your problems are? During this turmoil problems in your sport have have multiplied by 2x to 4x times. We’ve made
    a plan to reduce the current pressure and help your sport business continuity to come out the other side stronger (with little risk).


    Our COVID-19 Sports Business Recover & Reboot Package could help guide you through the next few months. You will be supported by an expert facilitator in *Company Lifecycle Methodology. Its' designed to build your business problem solving capacity and capability - ranked #3 by Inc. Magazine (USA) all time ‘best in class’ methodology for business change and growth

  • Benefits

    1. Recovery and build business health with minimal risk.
    2. Work on short-term business continuity while building stronger medium-term future growth.

    3. Reduce the high cost of traditional business consulting while achieving the desired outcome.

    4. Create clear pathways, actions and outcomes after every meeting.

    7. *Create the opportunity to recover, reboot and grow beyond into Sports Business Transformation 4.0
    (Accelerating Leadership/Management Capacity and Capability)


    *Data shows business results from using this methodology.

    - 10% revenue growth after one year.

    - 25% average EBITA increase after first year.

    - Top quartile 43% growth in EBITDA after one year.

  • How our Q2/3 Recovery & Reboot Package works

    Crisis fundamentals

    Recovery framework

    Reboot back to growth

  • Commitment

    Q2/3 support and facilitation to deal with problem solving/delivering opportunities


    Choose a package according to your sports business needs Crisis, Recovery or Reboot



    8 workshops (75min each) + suggested virtual call/meeting when necessary


    Suited to key sports business leaders and
    their core senior teams


    Learn frameworks, solve difficult problems, action plan and implement


    Obtain access to support outside


    If you are are responsible in your sports business for leading/managing change and need support over the next several months, you can register now using the button below. This package is particularly well-suited to leaders in your business who have been tasked with crisis management as a result of COVID-91 .

    For further information, or if you have any issues registering, please contact john@greymatterglobaltd.com

  • Expert Facilitator in Company Lifecycle Methodology

    Designed, delivered and facilitated by John Grisby
    Prof of Practice | Managing Partner GMG LTD.

    I am both a Professor of Practice and Managing Partner at Grey Matter Global Ltd., a leadership strategy consultancy. I help prepare/shift leaders from pre-digital age skills
    '3.0' to digital age '4.0'; i.e. making sense of complexity, leading/managing change and
    solving problems.


    I really understand the difficult challanges organisations face having consulted, designed and delivered in-company leadership performance programmes in companies including; Sky, NFU Mutual, National Grid, British Gas, Freshfields, NHS East of England and Lloyds TSB. As a Professor of Practice I design/deliver Leadership Project 4.0 a dual accredited capacity/ capability executive development programme (EMEA). I've also worked with Founder/Owner-MDs in companies such as a seventh generation UK family owed (£20M Turnover) and US fast growth ($50M turnover).

    Part of my expertise is leading/managing change and problem solving. I facilitate the building of capacity/capability in organisations and teams using the Company Lifecycle Methodology - ranked #3 by Inc. Magazine (USA) all time 'best in class' for business growth and change.