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    Lead/manage change from strategy to execution 

  • Leadership 4.0

    Capacity Building

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    You will accelerate sustainable and transformational leadership practices identified by global industries, institutions, and governing bodies as 'Top 10' for the next decade.  

    1. Lead through Change & Transformation | Comprehensive people and business change management framework and process from strategy to execution.
    2. Problem-Solving Process | 'Best in class' breakthrough process and framework for diagnosing business systems, solving problems, and implementing decisions successfully. 
  • What's you capability to lead sports business change & transformation?

    Strategic Session (In-Depth)

    The best way to understand business change & transformation is to see how it works in your organisation real-time - all the typical/abnormal problems, opportunities, traps and transitions your business is experiencing. This is why the best option to start with is diagnostic of your company.

    During the in-depth Strategtic Session you will score your capability to lead change and diagnose business change stages, problems, traps, opportunities and transitions.

    Leading Change Audit


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    Business Change Diagnostic

    (Business Systems)


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  • 'Best in Class' Change & Transformation Methodology  


    Business Schools, Executive Development/Sports Management Programmes don't teach you about business change & transformation. They teach you about finance, marketing, HR, and strategy. But not how to lead/manage organisational or business change & transformation. Yet, as a leader, you're tasked to deliver improvement, performance, development, DE&I, sustainability, change, finance and strategy. The reality is, that if you can't lead change, your business can't reach its full potential.


    The ALPHA Project is a comprehensive capacity building program for leading/managing change from strategy

    to execution.










  • 'Upstream' Change & Transformation Partnership

    Traditional transformation approaches often lack 'upstream' strategic insight and don't take organisations far enough. As a result, initiatives implemented further 'downstream' in the organisation encounter significant resistance in many areas, and solutions often take much longer to embed. Blocks, conflict, and confusion can risk disintegration or paralysis. Success is maximised when people and systems are aligned. We believe the key to unlocking this problem is to begin 'upstream' outcome-focused, with a high-level, holistic view working from strategy to 'downstream' implementation.


    We exist to inspire and facilitate clients to understand strategic complexity, lead/manage change, and solve problems. We use applied systems thinking and 'best in class' change & transformation methodology delivered by an expert. Both approaches combine human-centric and business systems change, building capacity in leadership from the top to bottom.

    Individual/Team/Organisation, Franchise/Federation/Association

    • Individuals/teams responsible for leading change & transformation (from strategy to execution).
    • Proactively seeking and developing the capacity to change & transform organisation and sector.
    • Coping with leading complex strategic systems and structures and day-to-day change & transformation.
    • Diminishing ROI from Management Consultants.
    • Organizational and/or business ‘existential needs’ are threatened (internal/external), causing disintegration, which can include loss of role/ responsibility, loss of market value/share, underperforming divisions/ teams, growth plateaus, unsuccessful M&As, necessary market transitions, and inability to control change.
  • Results

    Data shows results from embedding methodology can include:


    10% revenue growth after one year.


    25% average EBITDA increase after the first year.


    43% growth in EBITDA and top sector quartile ranking after one year.

    A comprehensive ‘best in class’ methodology for growth, scale, change, and transformation.

    Complete business systems/sub-systems diagnostic.

    1. Process for holistic, systemic problem-solving and change implementation
    2. A comprehensive framework for business lifecycle change & transformation.
    3. A combination of managing technical processes and people's behavior side of change.
    4. Mechanism and catalyst for people/role behavioral change. 

    *Sustainable and Transformational Leadership Practices


    I. Seven of the seventeen UNPRiME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


    II. ‘Top 10’ leadership skills for the next decade. The World Economic Forum. (2020). The Future of Jobs Report 2020. Switzerland: The World Economic Forum.


    III. Three of the six CARL dimensions and actions (The Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership).  

    Ranked in Top 10 Change Management Solutions by HR Tech Outlook Magazine (2019)

    #3 All Time 'Best in Class' Methodology by Inc. Magazine (USA)

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