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    Sports Leadership 4.0 Guidebook

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    Avialable September 2023

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    Practice Guidebook | Leadership Strategy | Change & Transformation

    Sports Leadership 4.0 is a guidebook for sustainable leadership practice for transformation in the fourth industrial revolution of sports.


    Sports is facing 'perfect storm' scenarios similar to every industry- problems, complexity, and accelerated change. Professor of Practice John W. Grisby introduces a holistic leadership approach supported by applied science that can be used in any sports culture and context to lead, strategize, manage, direct, train, organize, coach, develop, compete, and win in sports '4.0'. This is the only leadership in sports book you can buy that uses an applied systems
    approach. Once adopted, it allows you to effectively lead sports organizations, teams, and individual athletes.


    If you only ever buy one Leadership principles guidebook, this should be it.

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