• Sports Sector Keynotes

    • Advanced Leadership Mindset - Coping with complexity, change and problems presented to PRO Sports Leadership Summit, Austin, Texas (USA), July 22nd, 2023.
    • The Perfect Storm in Sports 4.0 - Today's Leadership Is Not Enough for Tomorrow's Problems. Keynote, Emerson Collge Boston, USA, February, 23rd 2021.
    • The Perfect Storm in Sports 4.0 - Today's Leadership Is Not Enough for Tomorrow's Problems. Distinguishing Lecture Series, Middlesex University, London UK, February, 23rd 2021.
    • Leadership and Executive Coaching for Performance in Practice, Undergraduate Psychology (2019/2020).
    • Leadership in Sports to Achieve Impact and Social Outcomes - Experience the Meaning of Winning. Keynote presented at Sports and Social Impact Conference, Bedfordshire, December 12, 2017. 

  • Sports Publications

    How the European Super League’s Rise and Fall is an Example of Football’s Perfect Storm, World Football Summit, https://worldfootballsummit.com/how-the-european-super-leagues-rise-and-fall-is-an-example-of-footballs-perfect-storm/, 2021.  


    John Grisby on Sports Leadership and The Football Industry’s Perfect Storm, World Football Summit, https://worldfootballsummit.com/john-grisby-on-sports-leadership-and-the-football-industry-s-perfect-storm-4-0/, 2021.


    Games You Can Play Experience the Meaning of Winning - Next Generation Leadership in Sports - Achieve results in the complexity of sports 4.0, Michael Terence Publishing, 2019.


    The State of Play – Thinking Sports 4.0 (Educational Podcast Series), iTunes/Soundcloud Podcast Series, 2019.


    Six Different Mindsets of Leadership - Find Out How Situation Helps Mode Leadership Style and How Being Adaptable Can Be the Key to


    Survival, Chartered Management Institute Insights (CMI) https://www.managers.org.uk/insights/news/2016/october/the-6-different-mindsets-of-leadership, 2016.


    Sports Coaching for the Changing Times - How Different Eras Produce Coaches, Managers and Players with Different Mindsets, Global Professional Tennis Coach Association Elite Tennis Journal, 2016, P. 11-15.


    Winning Formula, Man Management and the Inner Game: -Commonalities of Success in the Ryder Cup and Super Bowl, A Commentary,


    International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching (IJSC), 2015, Volume 10 - Number 2+3, pp. 267-268.


    The Meaning of Winning, England Rugby Football Union Technical Coaching Journal (RFU), 2008.


    Exploring Effecting Football Coaching and Management, London Football Coaches’ Association Soccer Coach Magazine, 2007.

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