The State of Play

(00:00) Introduction to Vital Signs in Sport - covers Part II of in my book Games You Can Play Experience the Meaning of Winning - Next-generation sport-leadership strategy fo solving problems and achieving results
(00:00) ‘What on earth is a ‘vital sign’?? and What does it have to do with leadership in sport???

(00:00) Defining Vital Signs (a key health indicator or measurement indicating stage of human being - healthy, stable or  critical condition)
(00:00) The Macro (above surface level) and Micro (below surface level) of Vital Signs.

(00:00) Defining Vital Signs in Sport (a key health indicator or measurement indicating stage of sport leadership, teams, organisations and federations.

(00:00) Sports vital organs are Seven Sport Leadership Mindsets-Thinking Systems (learn move about Leadership Mindsets-Thinking Systems listen to my podcast Sport Leadership for the Changing Times).

(00:00) High level overview of what is currently happening on the surface level in the world of sport.

(00:00) The Vital Signs in Sport Governing Bides and Associations

(00:00) The Vital Signs in Head Coach/Manager Role
(00:00) The Vital Signs in Franchise, Clubs and Fans

(00:00) The Vital Signs of Sport Teams

(00:00) The Vital Sings in Coach/Player Dynamic

(00:00) The Vital Signs in Technology

(00:00) Implications of speed and frequency of change has in sport and need for leaders to develop

(00:00) Are you are moving like a sluggish, clumsy dinosaur in the age of tetra-bit speed digital technology?

(00:00) Welcome to 21st Century sport

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