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    Professor of Practice (Leadership), industry consultant, and author with expertise in integrating applied science with academic theory to solve real-world problems and achieve results. John has extensive experience in diverse global corporate, economic, linguistic, and socio-cultural contexts.



    John Grisby


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    John Grisby is a Professor of Practice (Leadership), industry consultant and author. He's based in London and works internationally across multiple sectors. He partners with C-Suite, BoDs, and senior executives to embrace change & transformation to deal with business/industry 4.0 environments (complexity, change, and problems). Leaders prepare, shift, and accelerate their mindset, working high-level strategic 'upstream' to execute and implement 'downstream.'


    John's leadership expertise results from 25 years of experience in human performance and development. His multi-disciplined background/roles include competitive sport, leadership performance consultancy, executive coaching, public sector, entrepreneurship, and academia. He has worked/lived worldwide in Europe, the USA, Africa, South America, and the Middle East and is trilingual (English, Spanish, and Italian).

    John has learned almost everything about leadership, systems, complexity, change, and problem-solving from six resources.


    First, as an industry practitioner and academic Professor of Practice (Leadership). He's familiar with how academic rigor, pedagogy, research, methodology, and theory apply to real-world industry.

    Second, from Myles Downey, author of the best-selling book Effective Coaching and pioneer in an evidence-based performance coaching 'Inner Game' methodology (individuals/teams/organizations).

    Third, Dr. Clare Graves and Dr. Don Beck, developers of Mindset-Thinking Systems, a soft human systems approach to leadership capacity and organizational behavior.

    Fourth, from Dr. Ichak Adizes, founder of the Adizes Institute and developer of the 'best in class' Company Lifecycle methodology, a hard business systems approach to business improvement, growth, change, and performance.

    Fifth, Dr. Geert Hofstede, Professor Emeritus of Organizational Anthropology and International Management at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, is well known for his pioneering research in cross-cultural groups and organizations.

    Last, from the many clients worldwide who openly shared their experiences, their successes, and struggles.

    Accredited and Certified to Consult, Design, Deliver, Assess and Enable

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    HE Fellow

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    Chartered Member
    (CMgr MCMI)

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    Certified Management
    & Business Educator

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    Leadership Performance

    Executive Coaching in Performance, EMCC Senior Practitioner Accreditation & Post Grad

    Certification from The University of Strathclyde, The School of Coaching (UK).

    Authorized by Myles Downey (acknowledged authority on Performance, Coaching and Leadership) to teach and facilitate the delivery of Leader-Manager-Coach and the development of leadership performance coaching skills.

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    Comprehensive Change Methodology

    Business Lifecycle Diagnostic and Team Integration Phases 1 and 2 Certificate, Adizes Institute (USA)

    Certified in the foundational theory, methods and concepts of the Adizes Methodology. Certified to deliver and teach the Diagnostic Workshop, which includes; the implementation of change, impact teams and processes to realign an enterprise.

    Sports Leadership/Management Development and Performance

    John was a (US) state-ranked athlete in three sports. Like most athletes in the USA, he was introduced to physical and mental performance approaches in early development. He learned/developed approaches like mental focus, mental toughness, and the 'Inner Game'. He later co-delivered a project with Myles Downey to establish the 'Inner Game of Coaching' in the world of professional sports coaching (football,rugby and tennis.

    Competitive Sports Experience (USA).

    • Ranked Ski Racer (State)
    • Ranked State Tennis Play Doubles (State)
    • Semi-Professional Collegiate Triathlete
    • Competitive Ultra Endurance Runner
    • Happily 'retired' and uncompetitive in sports since 1992 

    John has published a practical guidebook for next-generation leaders in sports, Games You Can Play - Experience the Meaning of Winning in Sports 4.0 (Michael Terrence Publishing 2019). He has published numerous business and sports leadership articles internationally, which include; Chartered Management Institute Insights (CMI), Global Professional Tennis Coaching Association (GPTCA), International Journal of Sport Science and Coaching (IJSCC), English Rugby Football Union Technical Coaching Journal (RFU), and the Journal of London Football Coaches' Association (LFCA).

    Corporate Leadership Performance and Development (Executive Coach EMCC Senior Practitioner )

    His expertise in Executive Coaching for Performance (EMCC Senior Practitioner) was developed as a member of the Faculty at The School of Coaching, founded by Myles Downey, a pioneer in the executive and corporate performance coaching industry. As Faculty/Consultant/ Coach, he led Open Programmes and was responsible for consulting, designing, and delivering leadership performance programs in companies including; Sky, NFU Mutual, National Grid, British Gas, Freshfields, NHS East of England, and Lloyds TSB.

    Professor of Practice (Fellow HEA)

    John is a Professor of Practice Management and works at the faculty executive level with the Dean and Associate Dean to deliver the business school’s Employability and Enterprise and practice-based strategy (UK/Europe/ Middle East). His multi-faceted role combines advisory, consultancy, development, design, and delivery on a broad range of projects, which include; Business School Impact System, Small Business Charter, Innovation Bridge, ICT Escalator, Innovation & Enterprise, Executive MBA UK/Oman (Part-Time), Executive Education, Help to Grow and guest lectures.

    Organisational Change (E2 Adizes Company Lifecycle Certified)

    John understands the difficult challenges leaders face in dealing with accelerated change and problem-solving. He's worked with companies, such as a seventh-generation UK family-owned business (£20M Turnover), a US fast-growth company ($50M Turnover), and divisions responsible for change/transformation in global corporates. He accelerates leadership capacity/ capability building using the Company Lifecycle Methodology - ranked #3 by Inc. Magazine (USA) as an all-time 'best in class' methodology for business growth and change (E2 Adizes Company Lifecycle Certified). He is the Founder of the XPX London Chapter, part of XPX Global (USA), an association of professional advisors who work collaboratively to help owners build valuable businesses and prepare and execute a successful transition.


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