• Sports 4.0
    (the Fourth Industrial Revolution)

    The difficult problems you couldn't solve yesterday,
    combines with the new challenges today and on the horizon tomorrow.
    It's 'sink or swim' in the perfect storm of sports 4.0

  • New Book for Next-Generation Leaders in Sports 4.0


    "The possibility for a player, team or sports organisation to grow, develop and perform to their full potential is never be greater than the quality of its leadership."

    Audiobook Available - Summer 2020

    About the Book

    Games You Can Play (GYCP) is the guidebook for next-generation leadership in sports '4.0’ – the sector’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    Sports is facing 'perfect storm' scenarios similar to every industry - problems, complexity and accelerated change. Here John Grisby integrates science with practical, real-world application, showing how you can better lead, strategise, manage, direct, train, organise, coach, develop, compete and win in sports '4.0'.

    This is the only book you can buy that unifies every aspect of sports leadership - from socio-cultural to human scientific and competitive environments - into a holistic approach. Once adopted, the Games You Can Play strategy allows you to effectively lead sports organisations, teams, and individual athletes.

    If you only ever buy one Leadership principles manual, this should be it.

    "I have read several of John's articles about leadership in sport. We connect straight away in terms of our love of sports. John has a passion for educating and developing next-generation leaders. He is spot on with his work helping to inspire people and the sports world to understand what leadership is in every sense of the word. I hope his work gets the recognition it deserves" - John Carroll Professional FA ID Talent scout coordinator.

    "I have read several of John's articles about leadership in sport. We connect straight away in terms of our love of sports. John has a passion for educating and developing next-generation leaders. He is spot on with his work helping to inspire people and the sports world to understand what leadership is in every sense of the word. I hope his work gets the recognition it deserves."

    John Carroll Professional FA ID Talent scout coordinator.

    ⭐︎ ⭐︎ ⭐︎ ⭐︎ ⭐︎ Grisby makes sense of success and how to achieve it

    ⭐︎ ⭐︎ ⭐︎ ⭐︎ ⭐︎ Prerequisite reading for those leaders seeking to exploit Industry 4.0

    ⭐︎ ⭐︎ ⭐︎ ⭐︎ ⭐︎One of the best sports business leadership resources in the market

  • Solutions Designed to Prepare|Shift Sport Leadership Mindset

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    Grey Matter Thinking

    Free newsletter -
    leadership is never greater than the quality of thinking


    The State of Play
    (Premium Content)

    Tailored educational digital media
    for leaders in sports


    Sports Leader 4.0

    Private/Invitation only interactive ‘TED Talk’ and peer group designed to shift your grey matter.


    Sports Leadership
    Performance 4.0

    Individual/Group tailored programmes
    designed to imbed effective leadership performance practice.


    Sports Leadership Project 4.0
    (LP 4.0)

    Individual ‘4.0’ capacity/capability programme tailored to sports role, organisation and sector strategy



    Sport Business Managment and Transformation 4.0

    Comprehensive ‘best in class’ business management and change methodology for organisational growth and scale.

  • Accredited and Certified to Consult, Design, Deliver, Assess, Diagnose and Enable

    HE Fellow

    Chartered Member
    (CMgr MCMI)

    Certified Management
    & Business Educator

    Leadership Performance

    Executive Coaching in Performance, EMCC Senior Practitioner Accreditation & Post Grad

    Certification from The University of Strathclyde, The School of Coaching (UK).

    Authorized by Myles Downey (acknowledged authority on Performance, Coaching and Leadership) to teach and facilitate the delivery of Leader-Manager-Coach and the development of leadership performance coaching skills.

    Comprehensive Change Methodology

    Business Lifecycle Diagnostic and Team Integration Phases 1 and 2 Certificate, Adizes Institute (USA).

    Certified in the foundation theory and concepts of the Adizes Methodology.

    Certified to deliver and teach the Diagnostic Workshop, which includes; the implementation of change, impact teams and processes to realign an enterprise.

    Leadership and Organisation Mindsets

    Spiral Dynamics Certificate Level 1 & 2, Natural Designs Value Systems Leadership, Organisational Elegance & Integral Management, Adizes Institute (USA).

    Certified in the foundation science of Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory (ECLET) and commercial application of Spiral Dynamics.

    Certified to teach, facilitate and asses Spiral Dynamics; which includes, Natural Designs Value Systems Leadership and Organisational Elegance & Integral Management.

  • Next Generation Leadership in Sports 4.0

    Prepare and Shift Your Leadership Mindset

    Since the 1900s of sport’s first three industrial revolutions, leaders relied have on physical instinct, tactical knowledge and technological innovation to solve problems.


    In the new fourth industrial revolution, being an effective leader is now a life-long process and personal development is just as crucial as tactics to ‘win the game’.


    Leaders in sports now also have to rely on adaptive and cognitive abilities as the pace of change and complexity has accelerated.


    We help prepare/shift leaders' mindsets to be effective in the Fourth Industrial Revolution of sports by designing transformative learning experiences.


    The World Economic Forum has determined the top ten skills required by leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are;

    1. Active learning and learning strategies
    2. Creativity, originality and initiative 
    3. Critical thinking and innovation
    4. Leadership and social influence 
    5. Emotional Intelligence
    6. Judgement and decision making
    7. Reasoning, complex problem solving and ideation: 
    8. Cognitive flexibility
    9. People management​

    The sports industry is no exception. Leadership in sport is going to be defined by the ability to solve difficult problems in strategies to organise, manage, coach, train and perform to win. Only when difficult problems are solved can you truly experience the meaning of winning.


    Sports Leader Briefing-Roundtable


    The Perfect Storm in Sports Industry & Business 4.0

    The Perfect Storm Briefing-Roundtable is a high impact activity used to raise awareness and disrupt thinking while gaining profound insights.

    Activities during the event put leaders in the ‘eye of the storm’ applying critical analysis to
    sports leadership, organisation and sector strategy.

    Participants are identified and interviewed, then invited to join a select peer group to discuss topics/subjects associated with the theme - next-generation leadership in sports 4.0.


    Peer Groups

    Tailored Digital Media

    Join The Perfect Storm in Sports 4.0
    (Private/Invitation Only)

    Experience - Learn - Network

    Enquire (Briefing-Roundtables by invitation only or tailored for Sports Business/Clubs/Federations)

  • Sports Leadership Project 4.0
    (SLP 4.0)

    Capacity building programme designed for leaders in sports who take growth personally


    Do you understand what is on the horizon in the sports industry and your sport?

    The demands changes will place on your leadership capacity and capability in your role?


    The sports business is shifting from pre-digital age '3.0' skills to digital age '4.0’ skills. In the next decade, your leadership effectiveness
    in all sectors - including sports - will be measured by the ‘Future of Work’ and '21st Century Leaders Report' skillsets
    (highlighted by The World Economic Forum and CMI)


    The Sports Leadership Project 4.0 is designed for experienced professionals who have game and sector knowledge,

    and are hungry for practice-based Continued Professional Development (CPD).

    Our mission is to help them leverage experience and build stronger leadership ‘DNA’ as a life-long process.

    SLP 4.0 helps you prepare/shift mindset for the ‘digital age’ of sports/business. We do this by design transformational learning experiences tailored to your role, organisation and sector.

    Leadership 4.0 capacity/capability solutions include;

    • Personal Leadership Strategy 4.0
    • Sports Organisation-Sector-Game Strategy 4.0
    • Sports Leadership Performance 4.0 
    • The Science of Sports Leadership 4.0 
    • Sports Business Management 4.0

    Who should apply;

    • Leaders in sport including; sporting directors, managers, coaches and staff.
    • Leaders in sporting associations, federations, clubs and organisations to develop. effective 21st-century leadership strategies and practices.
    • Individuals who provide third party services in the sports industry including sports consultants, trainers, agents and representatives to better serve players, coaches and organisations.
    • Players/athletes interested in leadership point of view and to make a career transition into leadership roles.
    • Family and parents of competitors who want to better understand and support developmental process, performance and impact on multiple levels
    • Experienced professionals who are hungry to learn and develop, and want to be challenged at postgraduate Master level.

    Enquire (Launch Autumn 2020 - SLP 4.0 programmes tailored for Sports Business/Clubs/Federations only)


    John Grisby FHEA CMBE CMgrMI MA

    John is both a Professor in Practice Leadership/Management and Managing Partner at Grey Matter Global Ltd., a leadership strategy consultancy. He helps prepare/shift sports businesses and leaders from pre-digital age skills '3.0' to digital age '4.0'. He is an expert integrating unified science and academic/theory with real-world application to solve difficult problems and achieve results.


    He is an expert integrating unified science and academic/theory with real-world application to solve difficult problems and achieve results. John has extensive experience in diverse global business/sport, economic, linguistic and sociocultural contexts.


    John has published a practical guide book for next-generation leaders in sports, Games You Can Play - Experience the Meaning of Winning in Sports 4.0 (Michael Terrence Publishing 2019). He has published business and sport leadership articles internationally, which include; Chartered Management Institute Insights (CMI), Global Professional Tennis Coaching Association (GPTCA), International Journal of Sport Science and Coaching (IJSCC) English Rugby Football Union Technical Coaching Journal (RFU), and the Journal of London Football Coaches' Association (LFCA).

    John was a (USA) state-ranked athlete in three sports. Like most athletes in the USA, he was introduced to physical and mental performance approaches in early development. He learned/ developed methods like mental focus, mental toughness and the 'Inner Game'. He later co-delivered a project with Myles Downey to establish the 'Inner Game of Coaching' in the world of professional sports coaching (football, rugby and tennis).


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