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    "The possibility for a player, team or sports organisation to grow, develop and perform to their full potential is never be greater than the quality
    of its leadership

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    Leadership in sport is never greater than the quality of thinking

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    How you approach leadership, understanding complexity, problem-solving, understanding complexity, and design solutions (or not!) is first thought and then action.


    Your grey matter, therefore, becomes a vital tool to continually
    refine to produce high-quality thinking and actions.

    Thinking newsletter fills your grey matter to do just that. What makes this newsletter different from others? Quite simply you get to learn the fundamental principals of high-quality thinking.

    What's Inside

    It's a resource. You will be introduced to a vast reservoir of practice-based thinking that integrates the best of three worlds - first principle science and academic rigour and real-world commercial application.

    Four Industrial Revolution (4IR) thinking. Pseudoscience, textbook MBA models and armchair philosophy have diminishing returns in 4IR. We guide you by focusing on frameworks, models and skill set necessary for effective next-generation leadership (based on extensive research (World Economic Forum - 'Future of Work 2019', University College London/Freeformers, - The Future Workforce Model and Isos Mori Generations Social Research Institute).


    Focused intention. We raise your awareness about approaches to understand complexity, solving difficult problems, and designing/ implementing solutions. When you're confused think of this as your 'Prof.' who's giving you ‘bottom line' clarity.


    Respect for context. Our readers are from every corner of the globe - China, Europe, Middle East, UK, South Africa, USA, Russia, etc., In addition from across all sectors - finance, automotive, sport, FINTECH, tourism, government, health care, etc. Each has a particular socio-cultural 'DNA'. All these variable might seem confusing, but our essential starting point is you - the human being and culture (I.e. ethnography).


    Functional. Practice-based, versatile and applicable. Simply add context, shake and apply.

  • Next Generation Leadership in Sports

    Prepare and Shift Your Leadership Mindset

    Since the 1900s of sport’s first three industrial revolutions, leaders relied have on physical instinct, tactical knowledge and technological innovation to solve problems.


    In the new fourth industrial revolution, being an effective leader is now a life-long process and personal development is just as crucial as tactics to ‘win the game’.


    Leaders now also have to rely on adaptive and cognitive abilities as the pace of change and complexity has accelerated.


    We prepare leaders for work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution in sport and facilitate a shift in mindset by designing transformative growth



    The World Economic Forum has determined the top ten skills required by leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are;

    1. Active learning and learning strategies
    2. Creativity, originality and initiative 
    3. Critical thinking and innovation
    4. Leadership and social influence 
    5. Emotional Intelligence
    6. Judgement and decision making
    7. Reasoning, complex problem solving and ideation: 
    8. Cognitive flexibility
    9. People management​

    The sports industry is no exception. Leadership in sport is going to be defined by the ability to solve difficult problems in strategies to organise, manage, coach, train and perform to win. Only when difficult problems are solved can you truly experience the meaning of winning.

  • Solutions Designed to Prepare|Shift Leaders in Sports 4.0

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    Grey Matter Thinking




    Free newsletter -

    leadership is never greater than the quality of thinking


    The State of Play



    Tailored digital media produced for next generation leadership in sport


    Sports Leadership
    Project 4.0 (SLP 4.0)



    Individual sport leadership ‘4.0’ capacity/capability programme tailored to role, organisation and sector strategy



    Industry/Business 4.0 Briefing-Workshop


    Private/Invitation only

    interactive sport industry, leadership and business ‘TED Talks’ designed to shift
    your grey matter


    Sports Business 4.0 Consultancy/ Programmes


    Comprehensive sports enterprise management and growth programme tailored

    to clubs, teams, associations, federations and franchise

    The State of Play


    Tailored Leadership Digital Media Packages

    Occasionally we share exclusive leadership content produced for clients in a specific sport. We help make complex problems clear, which can include; sports leadership, strategy, management, performance, behaviour, change and socio-cultural elements.

    Next Generation Leadership in Sport (UK)
    Introduction to Vital Signs in Sport  (00:00) Introduction to Vital Signs in Sport - covers...
  • Sports 4.0 Industry/Business Briefing-Workshop

    The Perfect Storm in Sports 4.0

    The difficult problems you could not solve yesterday,
    combines with the new challenges today and on the horizon.

    It’s ‘sink’ or 'swim’ in the perfect storm of sports 4.0


    The chances of successfully surviving the Perfect Storm in the sports industry will depend on two key elements;


    1. The quality of leadership mindset
    2. Ability to solve complex problems



    The Sports 4.0 Industry/Business Briefing-Workshop is an interactive ‘TED Talk’ designed to shift your grey matter. It puts you in the ‘eye of the storm’ through a tailored analysis of the drivers which impact your sports leadership role and enterprise strategy. You will come face-to-face with critical elements that can either make or break results.


  • Sports Leadership Project 4.0 (SLP 4.0)

    Designed for leaders in sports who take growth personally


    Do you understand what is on the horizon in the sports industry and your sport?

    The demands changes will place on your leadership capacity and capability in your role?


    The sports business is shifting from pre-digital age '3.0' skills to digital age '4.0’ skills. In the next decade, your leadership effectiveness
    in all sectors - including sports - will be measured by the ‘Future of Work’ and '21st Century Leaders Report' skillsets
    (highlighted by The World Economic Forum and CMI)


    The Sports Leadership Project 4.0 is designed for experienced professionals who have game and sector knowledge,

    and are hungry for practice-based Continued Professional Development (CPD).

    Our mission is to help them leverage experience and build stronger leadership ‘DNA’ as a life-long process.

    SLP 4.0 helps you prepare/shift mindset for the ‘digital age’ of sports and business. We do this by design transformational learning experiences tailored to your role, organisation and sector.

    Leadership capacity building and capability improvement solutions include;

    • Sports Leadership Mindset-Thinking Systems and Structures 
    • Sports Leadership Performance 4.0 (L-M-C)
    • The Science of Sports Leadership
    • Sports Enterprise Management and Growth 4.0 

    Who should apply;

    • Leaders in sport including; sporting directors, managers, coaches and staff.
    • Leaders in sporting associations, federations, clubs and organisations to develop. effective 21st-century leadership strategies and practices.
    • Individuals who provide third party services in the sports industry including sports consultants, trainers, agents and representatives to better serve players, coaches and organisations.
    • Players/athletes interested in leadership point of view and to make a career transition into leadership roles.
    • Family and parents of competitors who want to better understand and support developmental process, performance and impact on multiple levels
    • Experienced professionals who are hungry to learn and develop, and want to be challenged at postgraduate Master level.
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